Tim is a quick learner, has good understanding of his task and has good theoretical knowledge. But Tim is not finished with his school yet, so this cannot be a normal working appraisal. Tim is here for learning. It has been a pleasure to have Tim onboard and I am convinced that Tim is going to be an excellent officer/engineer in the future when he is finished with his school and has more experience. We wish him all the best and hope to see Tim in the future again.

Thomas Sjölander, C/E Palanca Muscat, Wisby tankers
21 Jan 2016


Tim has written a detailed and accurate account of the voyage. It is virtually impossible to cover all aspects of ship’s operation in a report of manageable size, but I consider that Tim has done more than fulfilled the task within the boundaries that the school has set out for him, and that through being inquisitive and diligent he has shown to be well ahead in the learning process to become an officer.

Ulf Ståhl, C/O Palanca Muscat, Wisby tankers
24 Oct 2015


This review has been made by Mr. Van der Klugt from PKmarine about my functioning within the company of my thesis:

Because of Tim’s independence he used his contact opportunities well, not only to ask questions or idea’s regarding his work but also to participate in the discussion of the bigger picture (artificial navigator / autonomous ships) of which his research is part of. He has developed himself as a good brainstorm partner for his mentors. Tim is good independent worker, he can close off from a noisy environment when needed. He takes the comments on his work very professional and dares to come with his new idea’s despite the age and experience of his mentors.