Internship Palanca Muscat

In august 2015 I joined the Palanca Muscat in Albany for my first internship. The Palanca Muscat is a bitumen tanker from the Swedish company Wisby tankers. The crew is Swedish and Filipino, among who I was the only Dutchman. I have been on board for six months, until February 2016. During this internship I learned what the profession of seaman consist of, how it is to live on board of a ship and I gained a lot of experience.

The first three months of my internship I spent on deck. Here I did, together with two other cadets, a lot of tasks of the third mate, such as checking of all the safety equipment on board, operating the crane during cargo operations, bunkering, and ship-to-ship operations, beside inspecting the enclosed spaces and pump rooms, and the weekly testing and calibrating of the gas meters. Deckwatch during cargo operations where part of my duties as well.

After three months I went to the engine room. When I worked at the Palanca Muscat, the ship was one and a half years old and everything was brand new, however, constant preventive maintenance had to be carried out. During my time, we did the 7000 running hours maintenance, which consists of checking all the holding down bolts with hydraulic tools, the overhauling of the high pressure fuel pumps and fuel injectors, and checking the piston rings via the scavenge air receiver. Furthermore, I did a lot of periodical maintenance, cleaning of filters, seperators, inert gas burners, seachest, etc.

I enjoyed this internship very much and I have experienced a lot, ranging from the best weather imaginable to a wind force 12 storm. I sailed on the Atlantic Ocean and on the Hudson River and I have been in ports in North and South America and Europe. This internship has been a great acquaintance with the profession as sailor.