Sailing experience

Since 2006, my parents own the sailing yacht Alice av Göteborg which has made me enthusiastic for sailing, I have spent many weekends and weeks sailing since then! We made trips over the IJsselmeer (Dutch inland lake), the Waddenzee and in Zeeland. We have also sailed on the North Sea to England, Belgium, France and Denmark.

During these sea voyages I learned a lot regarding tide calculations, Colregs and navigation. On board my father is the captain and I am the navigator. This way we have sailed thousands of nautical miles through different areas with different types of weather. One of our most beautiful voyages was around the English Channel: we set off from Ijmuiden (The Netherlands) to the south coast of England till Brighton. From where we crossed the Channel to Cherbourg (France) and sailed back to The Netherlands. During this voyage we only had beautiful (sailing) weather.